Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Lonely Man Has All The Time In The World And More

The Doctor seems to have it all.  He can go to nearly anywhen and anywhere.  He can live for hundreds of years.  He has access the incredible  technology and he can even get away with wearing a fez.  He's the life of the party, the bigger than life of the party.  He's saved the universe many times.  You'd think there was nothing the Doctor could want for.  That would be true except for one thing:

The Doctor is a lonely man in a lonely universe. 

He can't just settle down somewhere and have a normal life with normal friends and lovers.  He has too many enemiese, too many responsiblities for that.  So that is why he gathers companions to him.  People who can handle the strangeness, the danger, and thrive in it.  The trouble is, these incredible people never last.  They are mortal and age.  No one can stay in Neverland forever and so one by one they leave.  Some to happy endings and others to tragedy.  Then the Doctor is alone again.

His latest companions Amy and Rory were something special even for companions.  The Girl Who Waited, The Man Who Waited Two Thousand Years.  Not many companions get cool all cap titles.  More importantly, they really bonded with the Doctor more as a family then the usual Doctor/Companion relationship.  So we knew when we heard hat Amy and Rory were going that it was going to be a sad event.

It was.  I admit it.  I teared up a little at the end.  But beyond that it was truly an incredible episode.  The best of the newer villains of the Whoverse, the Weeping Angels, were NEW YORK CITY!  What occurred next was one of the most intelligent and frightening hours of TV ever.  Using a hard boiled novel as a clever way to contact the Doctor, River Song guides the Doctor back to 1938 New York.  There the angels have taking over a hotel to the point where they were breeding (the wee angels were certainly creepy cute!)  The only way to escape the Angels was to do the impossible, but sometimes there is a steep price for that and everyone pays in the end.

A grand adventure.  A heartfelt good bye.  Thank you everyone involved.

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