Monday, September 10, 2012

Villains and Blackguards Incorporated #46: The Headhunter

Villains and Blackguards Incorporated (VABI) is an organization found on Earth 32aa which has dedicated itself to protecting the interest of those of differently enabled morality and enhanced humanity. They take care of legal expenses and investments. It has become a very successful organization and is considering spreading to other Earths. In case they do here are some of it's members.

The Headhunter started as a device of mercy and has become one of the most reviled creatures of Earth 32aa. It started as a life support android created by Dr. Herocles. He made it because his friend and constant companion, Mr. Jordy, had contracted an alien fungus over his body. The only way to save his friend was to remove M. Jordy's head and place it on the life support android as Dr. Heorcles treated his body. Eventually he was successful and reattached the head to its body. Unfortunately, the life support android could only work with Mr. Jordy's chemically mutated biology so it had no real use for the general populance so Dr. Herocles put it in storage.

Several years later the storage warehouse was breached by Professor Phobik, a foe of the good doctor. He was running from a recent defeat carrying the remains of his latest android the Arc III. Not wanting to lose the valuable hardware when caught he dumped the all important cortex core into the life support android before being captured.

Two years later the core finally finished incorporating itself with the life support android. Escaping from the warehouse it found being a naked, headless android was very visible to the public. Finding a cop it easily brought the cop down and with the aid of a bit of sharp glass freed from the cop both his clothes and head. After putting on the head the android discovered a hidden potential in its make up. Though the head was dead, it was able to use the head like a puppet. More interesting it found it was able to take knowledge from the dead head. Seeing a good thing when it's there it immediately found its way to blackmarket tinkerers. It didn't have morphing cells like the Morphoid but it was able to add to its body some simple add ons that could raise or lower its height, add or lose apparent weight, and even create the illusion of secondary sex characteristic. When added with a change of clothes and the right head the android can mimic anyone. It then created its own name, The Headhunter, and promptly asked VABI for a job.

We accepted it immediately.

Since then the Headhunter has become one of the most hated beings the Authorities have had to contend with. It's ability has meant that many loved ones of superheroes are now dead and their secrets are now part of the Headhunter's core. Sometimes it has been advised by senior members of the board that the Headhunter should be removed to avoid the heat. Other, wiser heads still point out the huge asset he is to VABI's intelligence department.

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