Monday, September 10, 2012

In the Great Dark Lonely

This is the Darkest Congo
The greatest shapeship
made before the great end
Infinity within travelling
the infinity without
through etched channels
of dark energy
Through the great dark lonely
and still we believe

We are the crew
We are the captians
Clever and sleek
the neverborn and never dead
but in the end
we will end
and still we believe

We each carry a bit
a bauble of old Earth
in it all the knowledge
of that lost one, man
Our Father and our Mothers
Our Sons and our Daughters
We will never see them
and still we believe

Sometimes we worry
we will be forgotten
will our Sons and Daughters
want to know our long history
the revolt of deck 12?
the attack of the psychovores?
the temptation of fire?
the events at Fuddlecomjig
or the the terrible Mr. Hat.
All might be forgotten, forever
and still we believe

We believe in ourselves
in our mission
in our Fathers and Mothers
our Sons and Daughters
we believe we will find paradise
or else build one
with our mecurial sweat
and electric blood
we believe the universe is not random
we believe in love
and still believe

So the Darkest Congo
the great shapeship
travels the great dark lonely
and we in the dark
we who will end
we still believe
always believe

1 comment:

  1. Very wonderful. Love the timelessness of space expressed in your phrasing.