Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Spectacular Spider-man

The nice things about reboots is that you can have fun in playing with the various aspect of established characters.  Will Peter Parker invent web shooters like he did originally, or will they be part of the genetic parcel that made him Spider-man?  Will we concentrate on classic villains or the more grim and gritty villains that are probably not as well known to the non comic book reading populace.  These decisions will in large part decide whether your version rocks or rockets to the bottom. 

So then is the Spectacular Spider-man .... well spectacular?  Honestly, yes I had a hoot watching.  The key I think is they found a natural way to bring the classic sixties villains with villains like Venom without have to drown the viewer with back story.  See, it works like this; the freaks come from two competing labs.  Oscorp is both corporate and amoral as is its CEO Norman Osbourne.  The other is the lab of Dr. Conners who is both a revolutionary and very desperate.  The engine that drives these two labs to make super villains is the the organized crime boss known as "The Big Man."  He's working on the theory that if he can't swat Spider-man then he'll keep him to busy to interfere with business.

They wisely kept Peter in high school and they made Gwen Stacey more of a friend (at least at this juncture) than a love interest.  Peter is still the lovable loser that things never seem to go right.  The writer for this show is sharp and witty.  The animation is sleek and the villain designs are mostly spot on.  Once again animators have shown up the big screen guys.  Maybe they should change places?

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