Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I have said much, probably too much about outfits like the Asylum.  Can you believe though there are folks even lower than that.  So low they have to get a stepladder to check a snake's prostate.  Generally, these grifters don't really produce anything themselves but pick up the leavings that no one would want cause they are so toxic they'd choke a vulture.  I bought an collection of films from one of these fly by nighters for the princely sum of three bucks for eight films.  Trust me to say, my expectations were not high given they thought that "Porn Star Zombies" was class entertainment.

So why did I buy it in the first place?  Well, besides mental illness, as a critic I like a challenge.  I see a collection like this like panning for gold.  More than likely I'll get bupkiss but sometimes I get lucky and see a little gleam.  So did I  get lucky?  Well, I ddn't find a nugget but I did get a little dust off a picturre called "Closet Space."

Now, let's be clear the whiff of student film is strong here.  It's not the greatest film ever, but it certainly works well enough as a genre horror film.  The plot involves a bunch of students following in the footsteps of their now lost professor.  Said footsteps lead to a farmhouse in the hinterlands of Texas.  There they find a most unusual closet... I guess you can say it is the king of walk ins.  The initial corridor goes into some other space for a half mile before it becomes a maze of passages.  The students aren't afraid for they are brave adventurers of the unknown.  They just have no idea how screwed they are.  For one thing, a creepy crawler has aready possessed the one person who's holding down the fort.  The one person who has the key to the door.

ror ooo shraggy...

So, there are some fun concepts here.  I love the scenes that show the critters not just taking over people but really eating their mind/soul.  We don't see much of the creatures except slime and tentacles, but they are well done considering the budget.  The acting is not so annoying as to bring one out of the story and the production is fairly good and thankfully kept the shakey cam to minimum.  Overall a nice little discovery for a Saturday afternoon.  Certainly better than "Porn Star Zombies," or "Santa Vs. Zombies."

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  1. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe meets horror hunh? Glad you had a bit of worthwhile lurking in that 3 dollar outlay!