Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Warrior's Way

This film is a big slice of hokey from the get go, and if you can't get behind it don't even bother. This is a modern day version of "Kung Fu," done up Hong Kong style with a side order of Japanoweirdness. Our hero has spent his life learning to be the best swordsman ever. After defeating the previous best swordsman ever, he suddenly feels hollow. Only a laughing baby he was contracted to kill makes him happy. So he leaves his fellowship of assassins and takes the baby to america. There he goes to a ghost town full of circus performers looking for an old friend. The friend had passed on but he finds peace in simple but odd community. Unfortunately, bandits and the assassins decide eventually to rain holy hell down on the town and only his sword can save everybody.

Yes the message is as hokey as any sixties hippy movie. Growing flowers is better than killing people. How profound. But, in the end it works it really does. This film is just five shades of beautiful. It both rocks and rolls and it always has something interesting. I liked how the main female character isn't a "traditional" hollywood beauty, but is just full of life and spunk. The casting is just all around great. I really have nothing bad to say about this movie. Seriously!

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