Monday, November 7, 2011

Last Night On the Walking Dead

A better episode over all. Less mindless wandering more people talking with each other. Nothing earth shattering happened but connections were being made. The Doctor's group and our heroes are becoming closer, and this might be a good thing. But given the general level of luck of Rick's crew, maybe not.

One thing I approve of is there's more sex. Let's face it, it might be dangerous to sneak off into the woods for a little nookie but people are going to do it. There's two good reasons for more sex after the zombies come. First people need to make physical contact with another living being. The second reason is there is no TV. Do you think Mr. I Am A Redneck With A Bow is reading Shakespeare on his time off? So I'm all for more sex in this show.

The other thing that happened was the zombie in the well. That was just...sad. Look, we know that this version of zombism seems be caused by some disease. We know it can be passed by bites. So, ok there is a reason to be concerned with drinking water that's been contaminated by a zombie.  First though, if you are really worried about that then you better be boiling your water if its not straight from a bottle.  The chances that there are zombies in most bodies of water is pretty high.  They are clumsy and if they are near some steep bank well it's just a matter of time.

So saying that, I can understand the dismay with a live zombie right at the tap.  The problem is that they were told there were more wells on the property and it seems to me that the thing to have done is to kill the zombie, fish it out and let the water have a chance to run clear and use the other wells until you feel safe using the water.  Trying to fish a live zombie out of a well using one of your own for bait seems a tad reckless.  I think we can chalk this up to the crew trying to take control of the situation, but they need a bit more work on basic planning I think.

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