Monday, November 7, 2011

Why Last Night's "Once Upon A Time" Annoyed

Three Words:  Hipster Snow White.  I know, I know we need more positive role models for girls than some passive maid singing to the woodland animals but come on.  In the flashbacks of last night episode we meet a Snow White we've never seen before.  I guess in her outlaw days running from the queen she became an ironic, tough as nails thief.  In fact, the whole name of her love "Prince Charming," is the result of snarky irony.  I guess he must have decided to change his name later.

Anyway, when not in fantasy land the gang is trying to wake up the real word Prince with some success.  Immediately Evil Mayor Queen produces a fake wife for a guy that's been in a coma for years.  Our heroes don't buy it, but what are they going to do? 

Oh did I mention the trolls?  I wish I hadn't.  They were embarrassing to an enterprise that supposedly has a budget.  There's only so much fang wiggling I can take from people who style themselves professionals.  Let's hope that the show has no where to go but up from here, but I'm getting doubtful.  They just don't seem to have a hang on the characters they want to write.  Either that or it's a case of trying to please too many chiefs.  Either way they need to focus themselves.

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