Friday, December 2, 2011


The Asylum tends nowadays to deal in "Mockbusters," those films made to confuse granny at the DVD store so instead of getting "Transformers" you got "Transmorphers."  Amazing how much money can be made that way, but there's nothing new in it.  Roger Corman would spot a trend and rip it off before it even knew it was a trend.  The difference between the Asylum and Corman and even (God help us) Charles Band is that the Asylum has no personality.  A little personality can forgive a lot of glitches.  The Asylum product is just that; a product that is massed produced and shipped out without any care save for the bottom line.

Sometimes, though, a film will slip through the Asylum assembly line with just little something extra.  Definitely not a good film but at least you are left with a little something other than the taste of popcorn.  11.11.11. is such a film.  It's basically follows the same script as "Rosemary's Baby," or "The Omen."  A nice family moves into a house with a past in a city that while looks peaceful is actually Wackyville.

Seems like everyone in town is in on a conspiracy.  That conspiracy revolves around the date 11.11.11. and demons.  Never a good combination.  The plan seems to super possess the little boy in the family on his birthday which is on.... 11.11.11.  So while we wait for the big day we get the usual crazy omens and deaths that these things generate.  Wasps popping in, folks being run over right in front of the house, stuff like that.  Things that should make any sane person say, "Hey honey, let's go see how the water is in Miami, or even Sidney."  I particularly loved the crazy old lady next door.  She knew what was happening, but she wanted to jump the magic gun and get the kid before the others so she's always offering the very dumb kid a glass of poisoned lemonade and such.  Luckily, his dad keeps half an eye on him or the film would be a good hour shorter.

Oh while looking for a trailer for this opus I found out there was a far larger budget 11.11.11 movie.  Ah asylum, you putzes.

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