Thursday, January 12, 2012

Face Off

Last night was the new season of SyFy's show "Face Off."  It's a reality competition where make up artist compete for money and free supplies.  I was fairly amused by its first season so I'll keep an eye out.  It begins just as it did last year with a brief introduction followed by an instant "surprise" contest.  I was annoyed some of the contestant pretended to be surprised it was happening.  What you didn't watch the first season?  Please.

The main competition for the night was do their version of the characters in "The Wizard of Oz."  Frankly, I was disappointed by both teams attempts.  I understand that most of them come from a background of working with horror movies, but really it's from a kid's book.  I think they could have gone a more fantastical version.  Who knows maybe even trade up genders.  Have a tin woodsgirl against a wicked warlock.  Something like that.

Oh well, it was good enough reality tv.  I perfer reality shows like this where folks are actually making something even if it's only a mess.

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