Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Thing I Find Interesting About the Internet is.....

....It is a context generator.

Listen. No you can't listen silly, you are reading. Sorry, read on... see imagine I have a fact. Call it "A." So I write a book and "A" is on page 162. Now some people do read oddly, but most folks will read the book the same way. So they will all find "A" the same way, with the same context for that fact.

Now if I put "A" on the internet all bets are off. People will find their way to "A" in all sorts of ways. Each connection between the "A" and that person creates its own different context. You add a fact and a new context and often as not you will birth an entirely new idea. Granted most of them won't be good, but given the sheer size of internet the chances of something useful being generated are good. This is specially true as people on the internet are wont to communicate their experience to others.

In short, there's been a lot attention to the memes of the internet. What people haven't considered though is the connections between them and how that shapes a whole new network of thought.

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