Friday, March 16, 2012

The Adventures of Tintin.

I remember Tintin fondly. They were straight forward boy adventure tales with the twist that Tintin was more responsible than the adults around him. Along with his clever dog Snowy he would constantly find lost maps to treasure or foil evil deeds. While buffoonish, he was helped by Captain Haddock and the twin cops Thompson and Thompson. I remember them as fun and fast paced romps.

I was a little hesitant to see that they made a big budget version of these cute tales. I was more leery when I saw they were doing it with motion capture technology which is sort of a mix bag aesthetically.  So it was with fingers crossed that I finally saw the new Adventures of Tintin. 

I was delighted.

The voice work was excellent.  The motion capture for the most part worked here.  Oh there were times when they couldn't help themselves from showing off, but not to distraction.  The plot moved fast enough going from London to North Africa at a rapid pace as Tintin tried to figure out the secret hidden in a model ship while staying ahead of a rather nasty fellow with a sword cane.  This is one of those rare films aimed at children but capable of being watched by adults.  I certainly hope there will be sequels.

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  1. Not being a reader of the book series, I had no idea what to expect. Thanks for the review!