Monday, March 5, 2012

Amazingly the Human Centipede 2 is Better than the First

Yep, I can't believe it but its true.  As a work of film the Human Centipede 2 is better than the first one.  Not that that is a hard milestone to pass.  The first was all concept and nothing else except maybe a bit of fun with a crazed German.  The film had no character or style.  The second film has both, but that still doesn't mean you should watch it.  After all you could remake "Two Girls One Cup" in 3D and in HD starring Uma Thurman and it would still be something not worth watching.

The film is both meta and a big "Go To Hell" to the "fans" of the original film.  It's about a creepy wormy guy who is totally into the first film.  He watches it nonstop.  He fantasizes about it.  In the end, his madness makes him kidnap people to make his own centipede.  He's not a doctor like the villain from the film so he's less subtle.  He tends to shot his victims than hit them with a tire iron.  Yes this is a bloody mess.  A disgusting bloody mess. Don't even ask about the sandpaper.

So why is it a better film?  Well first, it's shot very well in black and white.  It evokes the feel of both early David Lynch films and "Tetsou the Iron Man."  There is a claustrophobic sweaty feel to the film.  A layer of ugliness that is definitely not Hollywood.  The main reason though why it's a better film is that it actually has a character.  The villain is actually well drawn out.  A man who's suffered childhood abuse and a mad mother.  His pathetic life is laid bare.  The actor does a good job conveying this looking like a Peter Lorre who's gone completely round the bend.

Still as I said before.  The art aside, this film is horrible.  It is bad.  It is abominable.  Again:  sandpaper.  That's all I have to say. 


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  1. I just cannot imagine being as brave as you, watching a sequel (which, fortunately according to you was better than the first horror/disgust fest) to that! Eegads, the stomach man, the brain sensitivity! Glad you survived.