Saturday, March 10, 2012

Aquabats Super Show

The Aquabats are a band that's been around since 1994. They've specialized in a sort of high concept ultra weird stage show and it's about time they've taken it to TV.

The Aquabats are quasi super heroes, adventures, and a band. Their leader has an awesome painted on moustache and missing tooth. One member is super fast. The other can fire lasers from his guitar. One is very strong and the final member is a robot. In the show they have a series of adventures both real and animated. They also have satirical commercials and other features making it a rich stew of weirdness. The feel of the show is somewhere between 1970 Sid & Marty Kroft, Adult Swim, and The Mighty Boosh. If you can't a show with nonsense lines like: "Do you think pancakes can talk in heaven?" "No, we have had this discussion. Pancakes don't talk." Then perhaps you better steer yourself to more mainstream entertainments.

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