Friday, March 2, 2012

In Time

So some genius figures out how to stop human aging at age 25. So now every human is potentially immortal. The problem of course is potential over population. So maybe we should give everyone the snip when their born. Let the state control the amount of new babies each year. Problem with that is that it is so against our natures that there would be instant revolt. What is needed is some system where it seems that every sucker has a chance. Oh sure there would still be grumbling, but hope (even if a faint hope) should mitigate it. What is needed then is to turn life into a currency and life is time.

That is the world of "In Time." If you are a down and outer like Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) you might be lucky to have a day left on the timer on your arm. Better go to work and earn more hours, or if the timer zeros out you die. Trouble is prices keep rising. A cup of coffee costs an hour today but two hours tomorrow. If you are rich you can have a century on your arm and live practically forever.

If you want to.

One night after work Will meets a man with a century on his arm in a place where people get killed for hours. The man knows this. He wants to die. Will saves him anyway and in return as Will sleeps the man gave him all his time. Of course now he has the same trouble of having a century in an hour world. He tries to help his friends and family and then he goes to rich people world. He wants to do good with his time, but at first he doesn't have a plan. He does have a pursuer. Timekeepers are basically cops and they aren't buying that someone just happened to give him a century.

It all builds up into a rich drama with a nice science fiction background. Director and writer Andrew Niccol does a phenomenal job here. This is exciting, thought provoking and just a really good film. Definitely worth a watch for those who want something a little more than a popcorn muncher.

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  1. I wondered if they would pull this off, sounds like they did. Thanks.