Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Monsterwolf proves that you can have a decent movie even with well worn parts. The plot is so cliched it hurts like a rotten tooth to poke at. An EVIL oil company drills when it shouldn't and unleashes an old indian spirit. The spirit kills anyone in the oil company "tribe." Only a wise old indian, the lady lawyer who only wanted to leave her small town forever, her slacker ex boyfriend, and odious comic relief in a pick up can save the town from the monster wolf.

See what I mean? There must be a dozen or a hundred films pulled from this same template. So why did I like it? Because they seem to care about what they were doing. I have never understood the laziness of people who put together some films. Don't you want everyone to see it and have a good time? Don't you care that everyonoe will think you are a hack? It boggles my mind.

These folks care. The direction was good. They had some excellent actors like Robert Picardo who really knew how to work the material. The film just looks very good considering the budget. They even worked in an animated sequence that was very nice. Seriously, I wish more horror film makers would take the same care in production. It would save us a lot of Syfy original films that's for sure.

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