Thursday, March 8, 2012


This is a film about magic. Not bright Harry Potter magic, but the type of magic that might still be used by gypsies and irish travellers. It's magic that is about blood and secrets. It's the type of magic that always has a price and sometimes it can be a high price indeed.

The story centers around Fergal who's a youth who's just trying to get by and maybe hook up with Petronella. But there's something wrong. There's a secret, and his mom is casting protective runes on the wall. Meanwhile a man takes on the role of hunter and has magic tattoos engraved upon him. He's coming closer and closer to Fergal and his mom. Are they what he is hunting for?

This is a good film and it takes it time setting things up. It might seem a little slow at first, but they are just building a more realistic magical world than in most fantasies. I like the characters and I like this look into the travellers. All in all, good show!

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