Thursday, March 15, 2012

Resurrect Dead: Mystery of Toynbee Tiles

Well started sometime in the eighties or nineties certain tiles appeared in streets in both North and South America. The tiles read:

Toynbee Idea
Kubrick 2001
Resurrect the Dead
On Jupiter

No one ever saw the person who placed the tiles in busy streets.  No one understood the message really, though everyone one had an idea.  Truly a mystery in the middle of our daily lives.

"Ressurrect Dead:  Mystery of Toynbee Tiles," is a documentary about this mystery and the folks that hope to solve it.  It's amusing that some of the people searching for the answer are as odd as the person leaving the tiles.  It makes for an interesting documentary and unlike a lot of documentaries like this it reaches what I believe to be a satisfactory conclusion.


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