Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yakuza Weapon

Well this is another one of those Japanese are weird shows.  It's the type of show that when someone gets offed while talking on the phone pink gore splashes the listeners half a town away.  Now that's 4g!  Directed by the same insane fellow who did "Versus," "Tokyo Gore Police," and "Mutant Girl Squad."  Normal is not in this man's vocabulary. 

The Yakuza are basically the Japanese mafia.  They tend to run things by being rude and loud.  Which tends to screw with typical Japanese person's sense of civility.  When they have to, they can also get violent specially among each other.  Generally if you see a guy in loud clothes, covered in tattoos and swaggering like a drunken samurai you are probably looking at some low level Yakuza goon.

Our story involves the crazy son of one of the heads of Yakuza family.  He's raw and rude and so father basically told him to get out of town.  So we see sonny boy having fun in a war zone with some of his friends/toadies.  A government agent comes by and tells him daddy is dead.  Son of course wants vengeance even if Daddy was a son of a bitch so he comes back to Tokyo.  There he finds there's a new head of the Yakuza who ordered Daddy dead and is three shades of slime.  He also meets the girl he had promised to marry and forgot about doing a "Blues Brothers' retreat."  She's not so easily cowed and hits him with a boat and puts the moves on him till she is kidnapped by slimey and forced to wear a Japanese school girl uniform.

This is basically the half time show and it's brilliant.  The villain has put a fighter on each of the 38 levels of his building between the main lobby and him.  No way this kid can beat them all.  In a serious case of mad lateral thinking though our hero takes a page from Wile E. Coyote and uses enough dynamite sticks to wipe out the 38 levels between them.  Beating a hasty retreat our villain takes out our hero with a gunship.  Luckily the government agent is around and they can rebuild him.  They can make him louder, ruder, and more obnoxious than ever.  He's now cyber Yakuza.

The rest is insane gun play at level 12.  It's certainly not a perfect film, but it moves in such a blur that it's hard not to get carried away by it.  Certainly fun for any person that values weird cinema.

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  1. Great fun and energetic review! Sounds like a moving movie playwise! Thanks!