Sunday, August 18, 2013

Errors of the Human Body

There are two things worse than a mad scientist.  The first is a sad scientist.  The second is a whole mob of mad scientists.  This film spotlights both.  Our sad scientist just lost his son to a weird genetic mutation.  That even also made him lose his wife and eventually his career.  Now he gets a new job at some German think tank.  They are interested in his research in screening genetic mutations and he's interested in finding a place to lay low and lick his wounds a bit.

Unfortunately his plan fails as he falls between a former student and a rather crazed scientist who are sort of feuding over who owns what discovery.  Considering that the mad scientist (who looks like a Mr. Hugo doll on meth) is talking about infecting mosquitoes with viruses to turn people into communists it's safe to say the experiments are a little... out there.  All this plus the sad scientists deteriorating mental condition leads to a rather dark if unattended experiment.

This is a good thoughtful film.  Don't be put off by the slow pace.  It's all a very Croenbergian affair so just let the madness wash over you like a crazed white sound generator. 

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