Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hatchet III

The Hatchet series is created with being something of a loving tribute to slasher films special those of the eighties.  That's about it folks.  You want a series of films with a lot of gruesome deaths look no further.  Just don't expect anything like good drama, writing etc. etc.  About as good as the Hatchet series gets is allowing some horror favorites a little screen time to chew the scenery.  Now I like them but I figure normal people need a bit of warning.  Belt sanders are considered a weapon of choice.

So the third film starts directly after the first two.  This means that all three films take place in a space of three days which means our killer, Victor, has nailed about a hundred people in the space of seventy two hours which is certainly impressive.  Our final girl thinks she has offed Victor so goes to the police armed, covered in blood, and holding Victor's scalp.  Obviously she's no wiz at decision making.  The cops take her in and check out the crime scene.  Turns out, of course, Victor ain't so dead and takes out the well armed cops with hideous ease.  So now it's up the ex wife of the sheriff and our final girl to save the day if possible.

There are no spoilers here really.  If you've seen any slasher films you can predict everything with ease.  The make is appropriately horrid.  The acting for most of the soon-to-be-bodies is on the level of a pithed duck.  Oh, and bonus point for some Sid Haig action.  So there you go dear readers.

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