Friday, August 23, 2013

Rapture Palooza

Well I don't toot my personal life too much on this blog, but I am a Christian.  I suppose that means I should be mad at Rapture Palooza as it is a very irreligious take on Christianity.  Honestly though, I appreciate its questioning scripture in a comedic light.  This is mostly a rather light hearted look at life after the rapture.  It's set in Seattle and has sort of that Seattle mindset all over it.  Our most final girl is trying to get along after half the world disappears but it's not easy.   The locusts are a pain.  The rains of blood are hard on the car.  Let's not even talk about the wraiths and the fiery rocks.  Even the small things in life like foul mouth crows just make life that much harder to endure.  But she's the plucky sort and she has an equally plucky boyfriend so they make a go of it.  Unfortunately, the Beast thinks she is some sweet meat and you don't say no to the beast.  So the couple has to decide whether to fight the beast or not.  Their decision will either save or destroy the world.

I liked the first half of this film a lot, it is a fun little look into a generally dreary subject matter.  The second half though drags a bit.  Not enough to destroy the film but it does kill a lot of the earlier good will.  Also I admit the end left me a little uneasy faith wise, but that's just me.

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