Friday, August 9, 2013


Ok a bit a go I gave a little rant that there needs to be a bit more originality in horror movies rather than the same old teens getting their tired old guts munched.  On that level "Mimesis" gets a plus.  However, I also did a rant that I was getting a tad tired of the hippsterism festering in zombie films and on that level 'Mimesis' gets a big fat negative.  Hmmm, so it's a bit of six of one and a half dozen zombies of the other.

The plot is straight forward; a bunch of people (including those from a horror convention) are invited to a party at a remote location.  Before you can say "Roofies in the beer" these folks are down for the count.  They wake up the next day dressed in old clothes and moved around to different parts of the farm.  It takes a bit but they get it suddenly that they were dressed like the characters of "Night of the Living Dead," oh and speaking of which here they come.  Better run to farm house pronto!

So from there the film runs on several tracks.  The first is that it bounces between the events of the original "Night of the Living Dead," and what's happening now.  Do you really want to start that truck friend knowing what happened in the film?  The other track is of course sheer survival from killer zombies.  Are they zombies?  I mean there can't be zombies in real life, but they are eating people who were briefly alive so what's up with that?  The final tract is given how they all ended up at the farm there are trust issues among the survivors.  Are you a survivor or one of  them?  How can you know who is playing the game from the pawns?

So over all, it is interesting enough to negate the hippsterism.  Definitely worth a watch for horror fans.  Oh, and a double plus for a little Sid Haig action.

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