Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fairy Tail

Ok we are in insane anime again.  For some reason D&D really hit a chord in parts of japan.  Ever since then there's been one show or another that basically throws out the RPG tropes and add a bit of Japanese madness.  Fairy Tail is a fairly current example. 

Here we have a world where magic is fairly common.  Still, the masters are respected and fear cause they have like mega magic.  Some of the best, though wildest of these, belong to a guild called "Fairy Tail."  One of these is our hero who was raised by a dragon.  He can eat fire and project it with ease.  Unfortunately he also has super motion sickness as his comedic cross to bear.   The series follows him and his friends as they go across the land seeking adventure.  To say this series is rather shallow is to give faint praise to puddles, but it's fun enough.

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