Saturday, August 24, 2013

Things That Should Be Remade: The Secrets Of Isis

Well DC seems to have troubles getting a Wonder Woman movie off the ground.  Really how hard can it be to believeably make a film involving an Amazon Princess and her invisible plane?  Oh well, at least they are trying.  Marvel I'm looking at you, come on where is your film involving a strong female super hero?  Oh....Electra.... nevermind.

Anyway, while we are waiting why not bring back that heroine from Saturday morning?  No, not Electra Woman.  I'm talking Isis.  She's actually fairly classy and camp free.  Wearing her magic amulet a humble science teacher is turned into the mighty Isis.  She has lots of neat powers like commanding the elements and flying.  Her costume is simple and elegant.  She always seems very much in control and poised.  Really what's not to like?

Well, first off the budgets were strictly Saturday morning which means I spend more washing my car.  Also the scripts tended to be rather mundane with general "let's teach a lesson every episode" deal going on.  Really, they couldn't even dig up a villain for Isis?  How hard can that be when you have Egyptian mythology as source?

So, with all this in mind I submit that Isis would be a good candidate for a remake.  The right actress and a script that's more "Buffy" and less "Super Friends" would make this work like a charm.  Add a good villain, I don't say Set, and you my friend would have either a decent TV show or a film that could clear a good hundred and fifty million.  Either way we are all winners.

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