Tuesday, August 13, 2013

TV shows I'd remake: Swamp Thing

I find the "Swamp Thing" TV series horribly sad because it was produced by the same fella that did the original "Outer Limits." How can one guy be so right once and so wrong another time? Well, partly I blame that it was the beginning of basic cable series and the whole thing had a buck ninety five and the USA network was never noted at the time for quality. But really, I think the problem was a basic flaw in the narrative. Stefano was trying to set up the Swamp Thing and his nemesis Arcane as sort of cosmic narrators in stories around the swamp. The problem was that the Swamp Thing came off as the crying indian in TV commercials and Arcane a foppish putz and nowhere was there any reality present. There was no real reason why the Swamp THing Allowed the soulless and often clueless Arcane to continue to exist so the whole set up stunk up the place. Add a kid without Lassie and it just hurt to watch

. So what would I do now?

Well, the idea as Arcane as a constant villain isn't a bad one. It saves cost in production and gives us a consistent someone to hate.  I don't even mind his foppish side as that's a good persona to bat against Swamp Thing's more um.. natural mein.  What we need to do is follow the current book.  In the new series Arcane is an avatar of the forces of Death and Rot.  Swamp Thing is the avatar of plants and life.  They are natural opposites but it's alot harder for them to off the other as the are backed by cosmic forces.

It also helps that Swamp Thing's human main squeeze is now caught between the two forces and has her own powers and is not just a screaming ninnie.  Just this one basic change if added to good script writing and and some basic acting would make a 100% better swamp thing series.

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  1. Good plan! After seeing (most) of Sushi Girl, I'd cast Mark Hamilton (Luke) as the foppish Arcane--He played an excellent evil Elton!!