Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hell's Highway

So I'm watching the credits.  First I notice the cheap shot on video feel of the affair.  Always a danger sign.  Then there is something about the names of cast.  Nothing so much about any one name but as a group it began to sound like I had accidently rented a porno.  Then the name Ron Jeremy pops up.  Oh crap.  There's something inheriently embarrassing about recognizing who Ron Jeremy is.  If you don't then treasure your ignorance.  It became obvious that some porn company was branching out and this was the result.

They should go back to doing money shots.

The story is there's a valley and lonesome stretch of road.  There the devil has claimed a woman and the desert for his own.  Said woman looks like a hitchhiker and is good at killing people.  A bunch of young lunkelheads drive through and get their butts kicked, shot and chained sawed by devil lady.  It's all fairly standard slasher stuff with some really horrible (as in badly done) make up.

Oh and if you get to somewhere near the last five minutes there's a twist.  Wheeeeeeee....

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