Thursday, October 27, 2011

Attack the Block

This is a great little science fiction film that just keeps rocking from beginning to end. Set in a London Housing Project a bunch of young hoods led by Moses are tearing up the place and doing some robbery. They certainly aren't good kids, but they are still young enough that they have to keep calling their mums and dad to give excuses on why they are still out galavanting into the night. Things get more interesting when a meteor takes out a car and out pops a frightful little gremlin thing. It bites at Moses so in gangster style he takes it out. His gang proud to kill the first known ET on Earth take it Ron's Weed Room for safety.

Things get taken to the next level when a whole army of aliens start falling from the sky. They are big, mean, and have LOTS of teeth. Our boys lacking common sense decide to fight back. Then after a bit of reality gets bitten into them, it becomes a tense game of just trying to stay alive and keep other people safe. Things aren't helped by the fact that these beasties seem to be honing in on Moses. Moses may be the baddest bad boy of the group but he feels guilt that he's brought all this trouble on his turf, so amazingly he finds the better side of himself and becomes something of a hero. Not too much mind you, still got to keep your reputation don't you know?

This film gets it all right. It moves when it needs to, takes it time when it has to, and never is so busy as not to lighten the mood a little. I can't think of a science fiction film of late that was just so much FUN! Definitely worth a watch, but americans might want the subtitles on as the british slang can get good and deep. Klingon is sometimes easier to understand.

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