Monday, October 31, 2011

Last Night's Walking Dead

Well, in many ways this is a better episode than the previous two. The trouble is they are still doing the same things that are annoying me, and so my annoyance has grown. First, enough with mindless wandering. Yes, yes I know they were STILL looking for the little lost girl, but since they didn't find any sign of her it dramatically worked out to mindless wandering. This is beginning to turn into "Waiting for the Walking Godot."

The second problem is they still can't write for the Mother's role without me wanting to just put my fingers in my ears to stop the whine. Last week she was tearing the helpless doctor a new one for not being that good of a doctor when she should be on her knees saying "Thank you Lord, for giving us ANY medical care." This week the writers went the other side of the fence. In a fit of depression she briefly considers letting her child bleed out cause the world is such a crap hole. Look people, scour around I'm sure there's anti depressant pills somewhere around. Find them and keep her dosed and away from sharp objects.

Other than that there was some fun things. They found someone who was bitten who then hung himself. Suicide is a bitch for the undead let me tell you. T Dog is feeling better after getting some meds in him. Dale is looking out and looking worried. We get some stories like about how Shane stole the school principle's car before he became a police officer. That Shane he does havea wild streak.

Oh, and speaking of Shane well he certainly took a step to his own personal dark side. Now there would be some that would judge him harshly for what happened to Otis, but unlike a lot action in this series there was a definite logic to it. After all, you don't have to be faster than the zombies (who are definitely much faster than first season!), you just have to be faster than the last man. I thought it was good that Shane seemed a bit shamed by what he did, it still shows he's a human being. But now, what else is he capable of, specially since he still yearns for his best friend's wife.

This could be interesting...

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