Monday, October 31, 2011

Once Upon A Time.... again....

Well the crazy is still there, but I can't say it's sticking yet. Our Emma is staying in town despite the Queen/Mayor being subtle then not so subtle (as in I'm going to frame you for a crime) in letting it be known she's not wanted. Her reason for staying is still somewhat nebulous. She sort feels there's something weird going on, and she does like the kid that's also her son that she abandoned long ago. But she's still fairly sure the kid's crazy, and really a life as a bailsbond person really doesn't give her an insight in dealing with fairy tale curses. Hopefully, they'll strengthen her resolve to stay as time goes on.

The episode was mostly a flashback as to how the Queen/Mayor actually cast the Mother of All Curses. Turns out it was no where near as easy as she made it out to be when she announced to everyone they were going to get a cursing. To finish the curse she had to make a deal with Rumplestiltskin, and just happen to kill her own father and rip his heart out. Oh, and then of course she had to follow all the yahoos she cursed to the place of ultimate despair which is Maine. Doesn't that make her cursed as well? It's a strange strange thing. By the end, we see that Rumplestiltskin in this world might remember a bit more than the other story book people and he's definitely a first class villain. In fact, he might actually out class the Queen, there are hints he's pulling her strings as she pulls the strings on everyone else. That at least is pretty interesting.

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