Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cooking and the Living Dead

Well, now you have a nice base, and have been working on some DIY projects to pass the time. Now comes a real problem. Food. Sure you think can foods are going to get you there, but honestly canned foods can only last so long specially as the seasons cycle through. Even if you manage to lay in a good a supply there will be problems. It will be hard to get a balanced diet out of canned goods. For the first time in modern era survivors might have to fear scurvy. Even if you have enough food, and have the right dietary balance, you might find yourself getting bored eating the same thing again and again.

Obviously, someone is going to have to foraging for food. Ideally, more than one, because you need a look out. The buddy system works. One trouble will be finding protein. As seen in the first season the Walking Dead will eat things besides people. They were shown to eat a horse, and a deer. There has been a real lack of dogs and cats seen, so it seems clear the local animal population has seen a real dip. Protein wise it would seem logical that the only wild game that is probably still intact will be fowl and fish. Both inhabit environments the dead don't seem to like much (you don't see too many zombies climbing trees.) Fruits, nuts, greens, should all be available but you should have either a person who knows what is what or a very good book else you might accidentally serve up a plate of very bad mushrooms and save the zombies the trouble.

Ideally the foraging party should set out traps for the protein and then spend the rest of the time gathering greens. Then on the way back they can check the traps they set the day before thus make most efficient use of time outside the base.  Remember, safety first.  A 12 point buck is not worth accidentally running into a mob of zombies. 

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  1. Nice planning, good to do one thing while waiting for the other to happen.