Friday, October 21, 2011

Koihime Muso


You know one thing I liked about anime is that it often features strong female characters. On the other hand, they then stick them in a series like this. On the face it sounds like a good idea. All the men in china at this time are off at one war or another so bandits are going across the land taking everything not nailed down. Only our plucky gal martial artists stand between them and the common people.

Sounds good. Then we get the big boob jokes, and the lesbian jokes, and the just plain weird jokes. I mean, I must be missing a cultural clue but I don't get dressing girls in nothing but a pair of panties with a huge swan head poking out for an entrance exam for a government job. Color me weird like that. Anyway, it's no better or worse than the fifty or so other animes of this stripe.

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