Monday, October 17, 2011

Day of the Dead 2

Right this takes a little explaining. We all know George Romero did "Day of the Dead," the third movie in his living dead trilogy. Well, for some reason someone got hold of the title and years later made "Day of the Dead," which has nothing to do with George Romero or good sense. It was a horrifically bad film that was just horrifically bad enough to be a fun view. Well someone thought that deserved a sequel.

Except it's not a sequel, it's just a case of name rape. Anyway, decades ago a bunch of zombies get out of control forcing the army to take care of things. One fellow ALMOST escapes and tosses out a thermos of ...something into the bushes. Cut to the present day, there's now a mental institution and we get a fairly by the numbers "One flew over the Cuckoo Nest" sub plot with a side order of dedicated yet unorthodox doctor.

This group discovers the thermos and opens it. I was surprised, it wasn't filled with zombie gloop. Instead there was an alien chickenbone that opened up and gave everyone a contact high. Next morning though they all have sores and peeling skin. Turns out they are now the first level of infection. Unlike regular zombies they keep intelligence and in fact have a pyschic link with each other. As long as they don't start noshing on human flesh everything will be fine.

Guess what?

Well it wouldn't be a zombie film without noshing so soon, once again there's a horde of zombies in the area. It's a pretty by the numbers affair, but I appreciate them trying a different tact with the whole zombie thing. So oddly enough, this gets a passing grade from me.

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