Monday, October 24, 2011

Walking Dead Riding Horses

Well I think last night's episode was a step up from the premier. It didn't suffer from the extra bloat time and it tried to establish the characters a bit better. Not everyone shares my views here. Some thought it was too talky, and one person was pretty cynical saying it was all false dramatics since you KNOW they aren't going to kill the kid.

Ok, that's true. But you know in House they aren't going to kill Dr. House, right? At least not in episode 2. The point of the exercise is how the other characters react to the crisis not whether the crisis is "real" or not. On that basis I think it works cause we got the normally super heroic Rick to lose his mind a little at the thought of losing his son. That's good we need to see a few cracks in the super cop or this is going to become "High Noon" with zombies.

So, anyway, yes Rick's son was shot. The idiot that shot him, and to be fair it could be a true accident since he clearly shot the deer first and Rick's son just was in the way of frag, takes him to his group of survivors one of whom is a doctor. Lucky group, let me tell you in a zombie aftermath the person you are least likely to meet is a doctor. They are going to be in the concentrations of zombie infections and most of them are going down. In fact, if you see a doctor after a zombie aftermath be suspicious.

Meanwhile, everyone is wandering around everywhere. Most are still looking for the lost kid. T Dog is having his own bad day, his wound now infected he's fast becoming a little delirious. They could have gone round and round like this all day except one of the other group comes over to tell folks what's what. Oh and to kill a random zombie. That she does it from horseback with a baseball bat that she keeps in a speciah sheath on her horse is just a little super cool icing on the cake.

So now the group makes plans to meet with Rick and the new group while still keeping a post in case the lost girl comes back. Mr. Redneck reveals a stash of drugs including some antibiotics that should help T Dog. Mr. Redneck is becoming the go to guy of the group. Meanwhile, Shane and Otis (the shooter) are sent to a school that was medical station for more supplies or the kid might die.

When the mom finally gets to the new group and is told the situation she immediately susses out that the Doctor isn't a "real" doctor. He is in fact a vet. She gets pretty snitty about it, and let me tell you it plays all the hell wrong. If there's one thing this series shares with "Breaking Bad" is that the writers don't seem to be able to write the female lead's role without a heaving helping of bitch. I mean, yes he's a vet lady, but what are you going to do without him? Rick, is also at the moment having bouts of the stupid in terms of his dialogue but at least he's excused in that he's already given blood twice.

Another little bitch of my own here, the zombies at the end are a good deal faster than the standard we've been given last season. They are just a bit below the running dead. There is now a little lack of consistency in what the dead are and are capable of. Another symptom of letting their main creator go? I don't know, but I hope the zombies don't start sprinting.

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  1. Fair assessment. I think it would actually be pretty intereting to see them lose both kids. That would give a totaly different play to Rick/Shane/Wife triangle as child loss is like the number 1 thing you don't want to go thru. On top of all they are going thru. I like the addition of new survivors as well, and a pretty stable group it seems so far.