Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not Another Not Another Movie

Once upon a time, there was a golden time for films that spoofed other movies.  "Airplane,"  "Police Squad," and even "Hot Shots," threw enough jokes against the wall that there was always something funny.  Then something funny happened, not funny "Ha ha" but funny "who took a header into Columbia's supply of blow?"  Spoof movies became horribly unfunny.  They became anti humor.  The worst that I've allowed myself to see was "Disaster Movie."  Oh so well named, what can you say about a film that thought Amy Winehouse as a sabertooth gasoline drinking tiger dream seer was a GOOD idea?

So now we reach "Not Another Not Another Movie," a spoof movie about making a spoof movie.  This is like the bad trip version of 2001 and now the genre is the shakey old man reaching out to himself.  So is this  the star child that will bring the genre back?  Oh hell no, this film sucks rocks.  It is, however, several levels better than "Disaster Movie," so I guess that's some hope.

What makes it better?  Well it actually pretends to have almost a plot and almost a character you can care about.  He's a doofus but he has heart.  Unfortunately, they put just a little too much on the character like narcolepsy and memories of childhood abuse that don't make him endearing, just weird.  The other thing that makes the film a little fun is there are several rathre famous old dudes who dropped in for a check.  There's Burt Reynolds and Chevy Chase and they hang and chew scenary for about a minute and politely walk out a little richer in the bank and a little poorer in their soul. 

Anyway that's "Not Anotehr Not Another Movie."  I've damned it faint praise, and praised it by damning it enough.  It's not worth a view unless you are a completist or are willing to provide your own entertainment.

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