Saturday, January 14, 2012

Grimm vs. Siegbarste

I guess the title of this episode was "Game Ogre," yes groan, groan my children. That is a pun bad enough for the ages. Piers Anthony is kicking himself for not having that as a Xanth novel.

The story is simple. A Siegbarste which is basically an Ogre which is basically unkillable is getting revenge for being put in jail. After killing the judge and jury foreman the cop who put him in prison in next. Guess what it is Nick's partner in danger.

Well Nick does the heroic thing and gets beaten into a hospital by the Ogre. Meanwhile partner isn't going to hide so he's going to die. So Nich has to convince our favorite bad wolf to go to his Aunt's trailer and get the Siegbarste gift (poison) and the elephant gun. It's fun to see the wolf's reaction to the trailer. It's a combination of "Wow" and "Bad juju man!" In the end the wolf shoots the ogre. Which means a subtle line has been crossed by everyone.

Not the best of episodes, but fun.

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