Saturday, January 14, 2012

catch .44

Quentin Tarantino!  This film, this mess is all your fault!  I know you didn't have anything to do with it, but still karmically it's your damn fault.  Just like every cheap jack zombie flick is George Romero's bastard child, every hipsterish caper film with bizarre dialogue and random violence is the bastard child of Pulp Fiction.  It makes you wonder if it is worth watching a great film if you know it is going to unleash a flood of poorly conceived rip offs.

For the record this is a gang of girls (oooo different) who are sent by Mel (Bruce Willis calling in a role and saving what ever dignity he has left) to get some drug money.  It's all a set up, and they find themselves in stand off between an idiot with a gun and a motor mouth professional killer.  Like Pulp Fiction the time line is fractured, though in this case in a willy nilly fashion that makes no real sense.

The actors try hard.  Even a Tarantino knock off is fun for actors.  But the script is nowheresville.  It is just a long slow ride to nowhere.  TARANTINO I BLAME YOU!!!!

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