Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A modest proposal

Capital punishment is a contentious issue and there are good people on both sides in the issue that will not budge on their beliefs.  This would seem to be one of those situations that cannot be resolved to both sides satisfaction.  I, however, believe there can be a middle ground.  Here is my suggestion:

We freeze them.

I'm told that death by hypothermia is one of the better ways to go.  Some people near the end even feel warmth all over their body.  No doubt the exact protocol would need to be tweaked, but the short form is you put the convict in a room and lower his core temperature till he passes on.  Then lower the temperature further till they are in state where perhaps sometime in the future they can be revived.   The advantage of this is if we decide the death penalty is wrong in general, or perhaps that particular convict was mistakenly convicted, then it will be conceivable that at some date we can rectify the error.

As an added bonus we can display the frozen convicts in a museum like environment.  By charging admission those convicts not only help pay for their current condition they can also pay for other community enriching projects with whatever is left over. 

Well what do you think?

1 comment:

  1. Works for me. I am totally capable of committing a freeze-worthy act and if I do, I am glad to pay the price. I think those opposed to the death penalty (among other reasons, no doubt) are just afraid of their own nature.