Saturday, March 3, 2012

In Praise of Aquaman

For many a year Aquaman has been the running swimming joke of the superhero community.  Doubtlessly, it doesn't help that he pals around with Superman who can do everything.  The standard joke is:  "Hi I'm Superman I can fly, I'm invulnerable, I've get super strength, I got freezing breath and laser eyes.  What do you got partner?"  "Um hi I'm Aquaman, I can speak to fish."  Really the only two people who could come out worse in comparison is Hawkman, and Batman (but the Batman is safe cause he's the gawd dangged Batman!)

Even before his successful revamp in "Brave and the Bold," Aquaman was pretty cool when you got see his solo act.  Check out the old 1960's cartoon version if you need proof.  There he's clearly the King of the Seven Seas and he takes his realm seriously.  He's always trying to stop an undersea volcano or earthquake and fend off alien attacks in his spare time.  He rides a rocking giant sea horse.  He has his own "Aqua cave" filled with high tech gadgets.  He has two side kicks and a walrus that acts like a dog named Tuskie.  He can do funky things with water just by forming it into a ball or spinning around real fast.  Heck, he has all the resources of the undersea city of Atlantis at his disposal.  Pretty rocking fellow if I do say so myself.

So remember that the next time you want to make fun of him for speaking with fish.  Cause the sea king can kick your butt five ways to Sunday and that's before they blew off his hand and replaced it with a hook.


  1. Water covers how much of the Earth? Really, it'd be awesome to talk with fish and aquatic mammals! Never make fun of the fish!

  2. He was pretty bad-arse in the Justice League cartoon and is pretty bad-arse in his own title in the DCnU.