Saturday, March 3, 2012

Villainy and Blackguards Incorporated #14: The Blackmoor Estate

Villains and Blackguards Incorporated (VABI) is an organization found on Earth 32aa which has dedicated itself to protecting the interest of those of differently enabled morality and enhanced humanity. They take care of legal expenses and investments. It has become a very successful organization and is considering spreading to other Earths. In case they do here are some of it's members.

On earth 32aa the law has gotten to become extremely flexible on some issue.  For example, there are many superpowered beings that do not belong to the human species.  This has forced the law to take a wider view on personhood.  That there are examples of artificial lifeforms also has created some thorny legal issues.  Still a computer or an android is at least suppose to be able to think.

Generally real estate does not.

Blackmoor Estate is sentient, and not to put too fine a point on it crotchity.  You would be to if you were rooted to one spot for one hundred years.  It's not known how a house, well actually the entire estate, became sentient but there were rumors of black magic rituals by the more decadent members of the Blackmoor family. 

Since becoming aware the estate spent much of its time getting rid of the human inhabitants.  It does so through control of itself.  It can open and close any door and window.  It can even connect rooms through doors that don't normally connect.  Given that there is an extensive catacomb below the main building it can be a very disorienting experience.

After the family gave up on living there, the estate realized it would need some legal protections.  Using empty suits with mannikin heads it reached out to VABI.  A deal was struck and the Blackmoor Estate is now a valued VABI base and retreat.  Just remember to treat the property respectfully.

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