Thursday, August 1, 2013


Battledogs is Asylum's "mockbuster" version of World War Z.  The differences are 1) it is werewolves not zombies, 2) they are only attack New York, 3) a distinct lack of Brad Pitt, money, or compentent special effects.  This is an asylum film though so we expect this, the trouble is after their incredible "Sharknado" being merely meh is no longer good (bad) enough.

Shame there are some eighties names here to bring back memories.  Bill Dukes (Predator), and Ernie Hudson (Ghostbuster's fourth member and fifth wheel) put on a good show respectively.  Some of the ideas are not so bad like trying to keep a bunch of scared, angry prisoners calm to keep them from wolfing out.  They really could have done an interesting World War Z/Green Mile vibe along those lines but being a B movie bad people in the military want to use the werewolf virus as "the greatest weapon since the predator drone."

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