Sunday, August 4, 2013

Detention of the Dead

Ok, one thing I'm beginning to hate about zombie films is the "hipster" element that has crept in.  A lot these films now acknowledge that at least one character has seen every zombie film ever and knows everything there is  to know about zombies.  It can be a bit funny but it is playing itself out as it takes the horror out of things when a character says something, "Oh yeah these are fast type zombies like in 'Ghoul Racers,' so we should have a smash and grab strategy."  It goes straight from horror to D&D.

Detention of the Dead has two characters of this stripe a nerdy kid and a gothy nerdy kid.  They are in detention with a cheerleader, two jocks, a pothead, and victims.  I say victims because yes for reasons unexplained a zombie invasion starts at the school.  Clearly out numbered by brain dead students they go to the one place students (zombie or otherwise) never go; the library.  Yeah that's about the height of humor here.  The horror is about b level.  The characters are basically cribbed from "The Breakfast club" brought slightly up to date.  It's not a horrible film, but it's no 'Shaun of the Dead' either.

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  1. Thanks again, Lazarus, for a fun review to save one the trouble of sitting through a dull show.