Monday, October 10, 2011

Breaking Bad the Season's End

Well, I was blown away. So was Gus Fring, but we knew that was going to happen. The entire season was leading up to a final showdown between Gus and Walter. Worse, it was leading up to Walk becoming the new Gus. While he hasn't taken up the drug business (yet), how many innocents did Walt risk for his shot at Gus? How about everyone in an old folks' home? Or his next door neighbor, or worse Jesse's surrogate son Brock.

"I won." Walt said. But what did he lose?

There was incredible scenes in this episode with fantastic acting. What was even more amazing is there was a lot of comedy (if a dark sort) among all the serious going on. I laughed when Walt was slow on the uptake to a shake down by Saul's secretary. For all his genius, he's still sometimes such a nerd. "No reputable company would charge twenty thousand dollars to replace a glass door."  Yeah, Walt, let it sink in.  Oh there it goes.  Love the look on his face.

Some grousers complained about how could Walt manage to poison Brock.  That doesn't worry me.  If there's one thing we know about Walt is he is smart when it comes to chemistry.  He could have sneaked the concentrated Lilly of the valley poison in a thousand ways.  Heck, with a little DMSO the kid wouldn't have to ingest it at all.  Merely touching would be enough.  The POINT is, Walt went over the final line.  He poisoned a child.  Oh sure, I'm sure Walt was thinking it was only a sub lethal dose or what ever, but he took that chance that he could have been wrong.  He took the closest thing his "best friend" had a son and risked killing him all to simply manipulate Jesse.

In the Bible, Lilly of the Valley is considered a symbol of the second coming.  Along with the second coming is judgement day.  I hope Walt is ready next season cause I see a dark judgement coming down for all his sins, and woe if Jesse ever finds out what Walt did.

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