Saturday, October 8, 2011

Films I Would Remake: Nightfall

Based on the short story by Isaac Asimov, this movie cries out for a remake because of my criteria.  That is, they had to have screwed it up the first time.  Oh and did they screw it up.   Boring, and more boring, and boring on top of boring, oh did I mention it was boring?  It reminded me of someone who saw the Martian Chronicles on TV while on peyote and bad beer and decided to recreate it while on a Nyquil and quaalude bender.  Surely, even I can do better than that.

Besides, there's a challenge here.  The story its based on is good.  But short, very very short.  There's really about twenty minutes of material.  So where do you go from there?  Well I think the key is whether you'd consider the story the first, second or third act of the movie.  I think I would put it in the middle.  That would allow me a first act to create some believable characters and ground a world with six suns.  Then you frame the crisis of the story with the events of the short story which climaxes in night fall.  I didn't want to put this at the end cause most folks already know the twist to the tale here so it wouldn't have the same punch.  Rather we go on into the night and see how people survive what might be the end of civilization.  My one question is would I end it on the sunrise, or people looking to the horizon hoping for some sun, any sun, to rise again?

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