Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Last Night on Terra Nova

Well I still haven't decided on whether it's going to be a good show or a bad show. Last night's episode was pretty much an interchangeable story found in any action adventure type show. It was "We-have-a-mystery-problem-we-must-solve-within-the-hour-or-face disaster" type story. In this case, the problem was itty bitty flying dinosaurs that swarm in huge numbers and are greatly annoyed that humans of the whole primal earth picked their spawning grounds to set up shop. A few points. Perhaps they should consider a fortified building or two WITHIN their perimeter cause I know I want a bunker if my only other defense is a fence. Two, I know they are green in all but nothing says loving like a flame thrower. Three, a little more body armor all the way around.

On the good side the whiney teen toned it down a notch. There was a sub plot about someone sneaking info to the sixers. And there was an old "friend" of Dr. Wife who is still putting moves on her. Small multiverse don't you know? The special effects are still quite good. The man love between Daddy Cop and Grizzled Leader continues. So, when all is taken into account the episode was pretty much of an average effort. Easily forgotten but no real sins committed.

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