Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Heebie Jeebies

Well... if this hasn't been on Syfy's Saturday night schedule it's only a matter of  time.  Silly story and crappy special effects are the hallmark of Syfy's "quality."  I'll give it some marks for originality and some of the actors seem to be having fun but overall it's a stinkeroo.

So the plot is we have a cop with such bad emotional issues that he freezes up giving tickets.  Now this is not something that came about in the course of duty mind you, we are told he's had this problem since childhood and he was STILL hired.  As a cop.  Yeah, I call bullshit.  Anyway a cute asian chick is helping him with his problems so we know there's a happy ending coming.

Meanwhile, an idiot is digging in the family's abandoned gold mine.  People even more idiotic and possibly their own grandpas decide to sneak in and dig for gold.  They release the monster which is basically a zombie made up of five bodies with a herking big mouth in its chest.  It's interests are killing people and looking for gold. 

Meanwhile, meanwhile, bad (as in bad in his job) cop has to try to raise kid sister and she rebels (those nutty teens!) So he's going to have to hunt for a monster, find his sister, deal with crazy idiot, save his girl friend and deal with his emotional issues.  No spoilers here, but he managese to do all that and be the hero.  Roll credits, the end.

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