Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Under the Dome

Well this is only the first episode, but so far so good.  Based on the Stephen King novel this is the story of a "normal" little town suddenly under an invisible dome.  I used "normal" in quotes because this is a Stephen King town so there's some dark scandal involving lots of propane and the son of the local town leader is already way of the rails kidnapping a young lady.

Most of the hour was set up of the situation with some gross special effects.  Some animals and people were unlucky enough to be at the halfway point when the dome came down with cutting force.  Other people were driving and just didn't see an invisible barrier.  The survivors try to make sense of it all and are at the moment they too stunned to really think about what this could mean in their immediate future (like, for instance, a certain lack of air over time).

Anyway, I'll try to keep up on the show and see how it goes.

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