Monday, October 3, 2011

A Radical Idea for DC Comics

Dear DC,

Let's face it, you've never known how to handle Wonder Woman. Despite some good individual runs, most of the storylines for Wonder Woman have been an incredible mess. Who could forget, for example, when you decide to take away all her powers give her Emma Peel's cast off wardrobe and teach her the martial arts. Well, since you are into this "let's start everything at issue #1" deal, then I feel it's time to give Wonder Woman a story that would truly put DC in the news. To wit:

Give Wonder Woman breast cancer.

Yes you've heard that right. Give her breast cancer, even if it is I don't know magical breast cancer. Have her suffer through doctors and self doubts and pain. In the end, have her go through a mastectomy.  Then, and this is the good bit have her not hide it but display herself like the amazons of old.  Controversial yes, but breast cancer is something that needs a strong story.

If you are squeamish about Wonder Woman in such a state, I have two points.  First, she would be hardly the first super hero to bear her wounds openly.  Aquaman lost his hand, Cyborg lost about three quarters of his body, old Nick Fury lost an eye.  She would be in good company.  Secondly, be at ease, this is a comic book you can always change your mind.  Unlike in real life there might be a breast cancer fairy or something out there to heal her if you can't handle the new amazon.

Yours truly,
A fan

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