Monday, October 3, 2011


Most horror movies breat the Eddie Murphy Rule which is "If the damn house says 'get out!' then get out!"  If they didn't break the rule, generally there wouldn't be a movie after all.  Still, there are limits and I have to say that the couple in Unihabited are the dumbest pair of knobs I have ever seen.

Check this out:  They get dropped off on an uninhabited island in the middle of the great barrier reef.  They are there are a ten day camping trip and they have supplies and a phone so nothing can go wrong, go wrong, go wrong.  First day off, they wake up along the beach and they find a set of foot prints that go directly to them then go off into the jungle.  They follow and the prints just disappear.  Not fade off into rocky ground, they just stop.  Now really, to any intelligent person this is a HUGE red flag.  Folks just aren't going to be stopping by an island for a cup of sugar.  The prints coming up to to them should be an indicator that someone is interested in them.  The disappearance of said prints should indicate that whoever made them doesn't want to be revealed.  Can any good come of this?

Our heroes shrug it off.

Later, the same mysterious someone takes their camera while they are asleep and record them sleeping.   Our heroes' response:  someone is trying to scare us, so let's scare them back.  Yeah, right.  Of course by this point it's too late cause guess what, the phone is gone.  Things get really, really creepy.  Our heroes remain dumb. 

It's just sad.

The movie is pretty by the numbers so there's no use in going much further.  Just remember people, when the house says 'get out," then GET OUT!!!!

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