Saturday, May 12, 2012

10 Comic Books That Should Be Made Into Films #8: Bone

If there is a "Duh, right" on this list then this is it.  Bone is incredibly beloved and respected.  A well written tale with lovely yet deceptively simple art.  It harkens back to the days of "Pogo," or "Scrooge McDuck," with a modern sensibility.

The tale starts with the 3 Bone brothers fleeing Boneville.  Our hero Fone Bone, and perpetually happy brother Smiley Bone are blameless.  That can't be said for brother Phoney Bone who thinks of himself of something of a scam artist and businessman except that his scams are generally busted quickly enough.  Phoney would sell defective crutches to a disabled orphan if there was money in it.  As they flee they are separated.  Fone has many adventures in a place simply called "the Valley."  Here he meets talking animals, vicious (yet stupid) giant rat creatures, a very non talkative dragon, and a beautiful girl whom Fone is instantly smitten with.  The brothers finally meet at Thorn and Grandma's farm and from there the story gets mixed up with Thorn's mysterious past, the mysterious leader of the rat creatures, and Phoney trying to fix a cow race.

The first collection of Bone stories would be enough for any film.  Again, I would prefer if it was done in 2-d animation, but I understand the market.  The main thing is to be respectful to Jeff Smith vision.  I think voice casting is what would make or break a Bone movie.  I would avoid star power as much as I can.  Though if I had to have some stars I suppose Danny Devito can make amends for "The Lorax" by taking on the role of Phoney Bone.

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